Dr Janine Olivier

Member of the A2 Magazine Expert Panel, Dr Janine Olivier (MBChB) obtained her MBChB in 2006, and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Medicine course through the University of Pretoria.

She has participated in several Botox®, filler and anti-ageing workshops and has received formal training courses with Genop, the Bay Skin Institute and Allergan.

Dr. Oliver’s initial training was obtained under the guidance of Dr K Semprini – and her field of practice in aesthetics is situated in Pretoria and Parys (Free State). She has also recently joined EDGE2000 with Trish Birkenstock – where her focus has shifted from Internal Medicine to holistic well-being.

Doctor’s Details

Address: 98 Korannaberg Road, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Tel: 079 305 6004

Cell: 082 570 4116

Email: docjanine@gmail.com

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