About The Aesthetic Appointment Team

by Rochelle Friedman

Rochelle Friedman

Rochelle is the founder and driving force behind Aesthetic Appointment. Her journey into the world of branding, design, marketing, and advertising began when she studied at the Vega Brand Communications School. This experience fueled her curiosity and set the foundation for her career. In early 2009, Rochelle found her passion in online publishing, where she played a vital role in driving sales and marketing for various blogs and online publications. It was during this time that she witnessed the emergence of social media platforms as we know it today, and learned how to leverage them to enhance brand presence.

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Following her entrepreneurial spirit, Rochelle ventured into the world of medical aesthetics in South Africa. She played a large role in building, growing and managing an aesthetic and anti-ageing print publication along with its online presence which many magazines failed to succeed at (especially during Covid), immersing herself in the industry and cultivating strong relationships with aesthetics, dermatology, and plastic surgery societies and clients. This journey provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and further solidified her expertise.

Inspired by her experiences and knowledge, Rochelle founded the Aesthetic Appointment blog, which has since become a prominent platform in the industry – educating patients and helping doctors to boost their business.

By combining her professional expertise, personal experiences, and holistic view of aesthetics and well-being, Rochelle continues to empower her readers to look and feel their best by bringing them quality, medical-based, trusted and qualified information on medical aesthetics information backed by doctors.