About The Aesthetic Appointment Team

Rochelle Friedman

Meet Rochelle Friedman, the driving force behind Aesthetic Appointment. Rochelle’s adventure in the branding, design, marketing, and advertising realms took off at the Vega Brand Communications School, sparking a curiosity that would shape her career. In 2009, she dove headfirst into online publishing, becoming a key player in boosting sales and marketing for celebrated blogs and online publications like Joburg.co.za and Joburg’s Darling. It was also an era marking the rise of social media, where Rochelle mastered the art of using these new platforms to amplify brand visibility, growing with them and their advancements.

rochelle friedman bio

Embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, Rochelle turned her sights to the medical aesthetics industry in South Africa. Between 2012 and 2023, she was instrumental in the growth and success of the A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing magazine, navigating its print and online journey with remarkable resilience, especially through the challenges of Covid. Her immersion in the industry not only deepened her expertise but also nurtured invaluable connections with key societies and clients in aesthetics, dermatology, and plastic surgery.

Inspired by her experiences and knowledge, in 2023, Rochelle founded the Aesthetic Appointment medical journal blog, which has since become a prominent platform in the industry and a central hub for everything related to aesthetics, anti-ageing, health, skincare, and related topics in South Africa, catering to both consumers, doctors and professionals. Fostering a deeper understanding of treatments and procedures: their pros, cons and risks, and driving informed decisions.

By combining her publishing expertise, industry relationships, personal experiences, and holistic view of aesthetics and well-being, Rochelle continues to empower readers to look and feel their best by bringing them quality, medical-based and trusted information.