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If Aesthetic Appointment is about aesthetics, why do you do travel reviews?

We have a lot of readers (both local and international) that travel within, around and close to South Africa for non-invasive procedures, as well as invasive surgeries (either cosmetic or reconstructive). Some travel simply for a cosmetic dentistry appointment, or to see a specific doctor/plastic surgeon.

South Africa is very well known for its acclaimed medical doctors (especially in the aesthetics industry) which stimulates a lot of medical tourism for us. It is our travelling readers that inspired us to conduct these reviews and share our content on luxury spas, lodges and hotels that are of interest to them. We especially like to feature destinations with spas offering skin, anti-ageing, body and beauty treatments because we fully believe that the aesthetic industry comprises of all these things together for overall results, which also includes some me-time to regenerate yourself physically and emotionally.