“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” ~ Steuart H Britt

Starting on the journey to understand and navigate the aesthetics and anti-ageing industry brings us to a fundamental question: Why? Why does it matter that individuals have access to clear, reliable information in this complex field?

At Aesthetic Appointment’s medical journal blog, we believe that when people are empowered with knowledge, they make informed choices that not only enhance their external appearance but also boost their internal confidence and well-being. This belief fuels our mission to simplify and demystify the aesthetics industry in South Africa.

How do we achieve this? By fostering a community where both patients seeking treatments and professionals aiming to expand their practice can find common ground. We serve as a beacon of clarity in a sea of choices, offering guidance and insights that are both trustworthy and accessible. Our approach is rooted in collaboration with societies and leading doctors who contribute original, medical, and scientific articles, ensuring that our content is not only informative but also grounded in professional expertise.

What exactly do we offer? Aesthetic Appointment is a comprehensive resource that spans the breadth of the aesthetics industry, including anti-ageing, skincare, dermatology, integrative medicine, cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic surgery. Beyond serving as a platform for patients, we extend our support to doctors and clinics by featuring trade-related articles, showcasing the latest in aesthetic equipment, and highlighting innovative products.

In essence, Aesthetic Appointment is where the quest for aesthetic knowledge and professional growth converges, providing a foundation for informed decisions and flourishing practices.

About The Aesthetic Appointment Team

About Aesthetic Appointment

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Why advertise in Aesthetic Appointment?

At Aesthetic Appointment, our mission extends beyond mere social media visibility. While instant exposure on these platforms is valuable and serves a purpose, we’ve observed a significant impact through our medical journal blog’s enduring presence. Not only does it ensure your brand remains discoverable via Google searches, but it also aligns with the specific queries people are actively searching for—ranging from reviews of brands and treatments in South Africa to detailed inquiries about aesthetic procedures, as well as professional equipment and distributors of products in South Africa.

In an era where influencer and personality-driven marketing are prevalent, we pride ourselves on offering a distinct alternative for advertsing in the aesthetic and skincare industry. As a professional media platform, Aesthetic Appointment offers quality, trustworthy, and locally relevant content that enhances the trust and loyalty of our ever-growing readership. This distinction ensures that your brand is associated with credibility and authority, setting a foundation for deep and lasting connections with our audience.

Our blog serves as a central “aesthetic” hub for South Africans. By partnering with us for advertising, you’ll not only enhance your visibility but also provide a direct channel for our readers to contact you, book appointments or shop online directly. This integration offers a unique opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience actively seeking the services you excel in.

Who reads Aesthetic Appointment?

Imagine a room filled with your ideal audience: from patients embarking on their aesthetic journey for the first time to seasoned patients to the professionals shaping the industry’s future. That’s who you’ll reach with Aesthetic Appointment.

We’re talking about a diverse, engaged, and eager community of readers – including patients, plastic surgeons, GPs practising aesthetics, dermatologists and cosmetic dentists, as well as aesthetic clinic owners, medi-spas, selected aesthetic salons, and those working within the aesthetics industry.

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Who advertises with us?

Doctors, clinics, spas, beauty and skin products, medical brands, aesthetic equipment brands, and many more.

As a privately owned and published blog, our advertisers are carefully selected to resonate with our audience

Our advertising goals are to profile brands that are valuable to our readers and, in return, offer advertising value and ROI to our clients.

The best part about Aesthetic Appointment’s model is that it’s unapologetically niche and glossy – we are confident that advertising with Aesthetic Appointment’s blog will open new doors for your brand, allowing you to tap into a niche market with precision. Contact us for a unique and elite advertising experience, increasing your brand’s presence and connecting you with potential clients eager to explore what you have to offer.

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