by Rochelle Friedman

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” ~ Steuart H Britt

Choosing which aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments to have can be tough and confusing.

At Aesthetic Appointment, we do everything in our power to simplify and demystify the aesthetics industry in South Africa.

We are the pit-stop for our aesthetically minded readers who are already on, or about to embark on their aesthetic journey – whether you’re a patient seeking treatments, or a doctor/clinic looking to boost your business.

Aesthetic Appointment focuses on aesthetics, anti-ageing, skincare, dermatology, integrative medicine, cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic surgery – backed by original, medical and scientific articles by doctors. 

Aesthetic Appointment also caters to doctors and clinics by featuring trade-related articles, aesthetic equipment, and products.

About The Aesthetic Appointment Team

About Aesthetic Appointment

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Why advertise in Aesthetic Appointment?

Thank you so much for asking :) It’s what we do. We help each other get ahead. We have the same goal to give you the best exposure to future patients and customers. We do this by working closely with you on your marketing goals, budgets, and ideas, and adding value to your business growth. Plus, working with our team who are reliable, care about you, have great smiles, and are outrageously good-looking, is a no-brainer.

Who reads Aesthetic Appointment?

With Aesthetic Appointment, you are reaching aesthetically-minded men and women who are interested in and/or actively seek and experience aesthetic, anti-ageing treatments and procedures, and skincare.

As a distributor, you’re also getting into the hands of plastic surgeons, GPs practising aesthetics, dermatologists and cosmetic dentists, as well as aesthetic clinic owners, medi-spas, selected aesthetic salons, and those working within the aesthetics industry.

Contact us for detailed stats and demographics. 

Who advertises with us?

Doctors, clinics, spas, beauty and skin products, medical brands, aesthetic equipment brands, and many more.

As a privately owned and published blog, we personally assess all advertisers to ensure they gel with our reader profile.

Our advertising goals are to profile brands that are valuable to our readers, and in return, offer advertising value and ROI to our clients.

The best part about Aesthetic Appointment’s model is that it’s unapologetically niche and glossy – our focus for our advertisers is on market penetration.

What are your advertising options?

  • The Aesthetic Appointment blog/website offers advertisers the chance to book banners, blog posts, and competitions. Our blog posts aim to highlight practices, clinics, and products and educate patients on treatments and procedures.
  • The Aesthetic Appointment weekly email newsletter is free for readers to sign up for and sent out to over 5000 subscribers every Tuesday morning – highlighting aesthetic and anti-ageing info, news, reviews, launches, and more. Banner and editorial advertising, plus sponsorship options are available. As well as dedicated promo mailers sent either to the consumer or trade/doctor subscriber bases.
  • Aesthetic Appointment Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are authentically and consistently run. Mirroring and promoting blog posts, plus events attended, products received and tested out etc.

For advertising queries and rates, email